Car of Tomorrow produces a wide array of video and interactive content across a broad range of industries and clients. We collaborate with both client and agency partners to seamlessly usher projects from creative inception, to full production, through post-production.


We’re a staunch creative and logistical ally, from your project’s inception, storyboarding, scripting, and scheduling stages through the full production. Leveraging a diverse and talented pool of writers, artists and production experts, our support extends throughout the scope of your project to make your vision a reality.

Steps Include:

  • Concept Development
  • Scripting
  • Storyboard
  • Strategic Alignment

Car of Tomorrow is a full-service video and photography production studio. We collaborate with agency partners and clients to create engaging and visually stunning content, always with an eye on making the process as seamless, creatively satisfying and stress-free as possible. We’re a staunch creative and logistical ally from start to finish, from the creative inception, storyboarding, scripting, and scheduling stages through full production. Whether you’re shooting on location, on a virtual set, or a hybrid of the two, we’re positioned to bring your vision to life.

Broadcast Solutions:
Working closely with clients and agency partners, Car of Tomorrow produces Broadcast video projects across a range of scales and technologies. From virtual streaming to large-scale and RF programs, we deliver the highest quality solutions.

Widescreen & Event Services:
Car of Tomorrow produces cutting-edge widescreen videos for live events, immersing audiences in extraordinary visual experiences.


Car of Tomorrow offers a full suite of post-production services, including video editing, motion graphics, animation, sound design and sound mixing. We partner with a diverse and talented pool of experts in a wide array of formats, including widescreen broadcasts, virtual shoots, Cinema 4D sets, multi-camera edits, 360 virtual shoots, and Unreal Engine.


We believe that usability is the backbone of any well-designed digital application or website. Solid Information Architecture and Interaction Design lead to intuitive and effortless user experiences. To this end, we apply user insights and UX best practices to our wireframing and prototyping process. At every turn, we consider your specific functional, navigational, structural, and content requirements in order to craft the best interface design solution to fit your needs.


Car of Tomorrow specializes in website design and development services that are high-performing, feature-packed, user-friendly, fully functional, scalable, optimized, secure, and always responsive.

CoT website developers provide expertise across numerous platforms and content management systems, using the latest, proven web technologies. We excel at building efficient, slim, and powerful websites. We follow industry standard best practices, paying close attention to ADA accessibility and SEO.

In an increasingly competitive market, the usability, design, and accessibility of your website is more important than ever. We take pride in helping clients seamlessly navigate this aesthetic and technical terrain.


CoT has a deep understanding of the unique issues surrounding media in the Healthcare/Rx, technology, and finance arenas.

Working with a wide range of agency and client partners, we are versed in the rigorous compliance and confidentiality processes that often accompany this type of content.

We create visually compelling, emotionally inspiring narratives, without sacrificing pertinent messaging.

Live Action and Animated Content including:

  • Executive Communications
  • Patient Narratives
  • Strategy and Training
  • KOL/Physician
  • Animation and Infographic

Recent times have presented a number of obvious challenges to videomaking.  To address this shifting landscape, CoT has developed innovative solutions for Virtual Filming across a range of scales and budgets.

To address the challenges of remote video creation, we developed a shippable, proprietary CamKit, a fully functional virtual filming solution that features a camera, tri-pod, lighting & microphone, and can be customized for virtual green screen records. Through remote software, shipping, instructional materials, tech calls & filming, we’ve distilled virtual recordings down to a frictionless, user-friendly process, so you can focus on creating artful and engaging content, no matter how far flung the subject.